Dirty Pretty Things


Freitag, 08.04.2005 20:00 Audimax
Dirty Pretty Things


Der neue Film von Stephen Frears ("Gefährliche Liebschaften") führt zurück nach Großbritannien und zu seinen realistischen Wurzeln im Aufeinandertreffen der Kulturen in der Großstadt (wie z. B. "Mein wunderbarer Waschsalon"). Die Handlung ist in einem heruntergekommenen Hotel in London angesiedelt, in dem zahlreiche illegale Einwanderer verkehren: einige wie der Nigerianer Okwe und die Türkin Senay ("Amelie" Audrey Tautou) arbeiten hier, andere verkaufen ihre Organe für einen britischen Pass. Die OPs werden in einem Hinterzimmer des Hotels durchgeführt. Okwe verliebt sich in Senay und wagt einen riskanten Schritt. Spannender Thriller, romantische Love-Story und überzeugende Milieustudie: da Stephen Frears vielschichtiges neues Werk in Deutschland nicht in die Kinos kommen wird, präsentieren wir eine Filmkopie in der Originalfassung.


In cooperation with the conference www.urban-conflicts.net which is held at the University of Darmstadt from 8.4. to 9.4.2005 we are glad to be able to present Tthe newest latest movie from Stephen Frears ("Dangerous Liaisons") which takes him back to his land of birth (the United Kingdom) and also to his filmmaking roots of his early days. If you know his movie you know that ?Dirty Pretty Things" is not his first film that covers the subject of ? of dealing with colliding cultures ins modern cities" ("My Beautiful Laundrette").

The story of Dirty Pretty Things is set in a run down London takes us to a not so high class hotel somewhere in London, which is frequented by has a steady flow of customers from the lower levels of society. Namely many illegal immiegrants: the Nigerian Okwe (superbly played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Senay ("Amelie" Audrey Tautou) who is from Turkey both work at the hotel, others sell theire organs for to get a British passport in return. The organ removal surgery is conducted in a one of the back rooms of the hotel. As i I told you: it's not that high class, but it has it's own particularities, setting it apart from the rest specials ;) Okwe falls for Senay and dares to proceed to risky measures. This is one of the greate movies that is able to be a romantic love story, and a suspenseful thriller and a convincing social portrait all at the same time. in one and also show you the live of illegals in the modern London.

We are screening the film in the original eEnglish language without subtitles because the film was never officially released in Germany and so there is no German subtitled or synced subtitled version available and also because we are doing the screening in cooperation with the conference www.urban-conflicts.net which is held at the University of Darmstadt form 8.4. to 9.4.2005.

Deutsche Fassung
GB 2002, 97 min
R Stephen Frears
B Steve Knight
K Chris Menges
M Anne Dudley
D Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou, Sergi Lopez, Sophie Okonedo, Benedict Wong